Dilitio is the GIMASI product that embraces completely the company motto ‘Everything Digital’. A modern digital signage solution should deliver digital experiences that escape the boundaries of the physical retail store to reach the user in his daily life, integrating all of his digital devices, with the main focus on his mobile experience.

Dilitio is this and much more – a product that can be tailored to fit any present and future need that you and your customers can dream of. It offers a complete solution that aims to anticipate and enhance the user’s needs and wishes, converting the digital experience into a sale, whether this happens off or online.



GIMASI SA is a privately held Swiss company based in Ticino. Our vision is to provide solutions for all the digital needs of our customers through software, hardware and consulting services across most IT scenarios, from custom software and hardware design, to digital training and education, with products ranging from smart cities to digital signage solutions.