Content Production
and Delivery

For design and production of signage-specific content, whether 3D or 2D,
or for support to your marketing team for in-house content development,
you can rely on the vast experience of the Dilitio team.


You can outsource the management of the delivery platform for a hassle-free experience, or we can train your staff in the management of the CMS and delivery platform for a full in-house solution.

Whether it’s a entirely outsourced or a fully in-house solution, both the Dilitio technical and marketing teams will be available for every need you might have.

The core of Dilitio’s software has been designed with the ability to run both HTML5 and QML signage apps, which can be created and installed easily. In this way professional layouts can be delivered effortlessly and quickly.

The Dilitio Store  will be available from Q2 of 2016 and will showcase the best widgets and templates available for the platform.
Third-party developers can open new revenue streams by designing and delivering Dilitio Apps via the store.