Marketing Strategy
and Data Analysis

With a staff of digital communication marketing experts,
we can define your digital signage marketing strategy
and communication campaign with you, helping to identify
the key features of Dilitio that can help you achieve your business
goals and deliver on your business ideas.


Or simply let us do the hard work and relax in front of your monitors, watching how Dilitio will take your digital signage efforts to a whole new level.

Leveraging the key integration features of Dilitio, marketing support continues even after the delivery of digital content to the display with data collection and analysis. This data analysis measures the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and helps calculate ROI.
It can also inform recalibration of your whole digital flow, if needed.

In other words an efficient signage solution is not simply sending content to a monitor but also the planning and creation of the most effective content followed up by analysis and evaluation of the content’s effectiveness.