Why Dilitio is the right choice for your Digital Signage?

A full turnkey solution, from concept to installation and 24/7 maintenance, for a hassle free digital signage experience

Dilitio can be delivered as a full turnkey solution from concept to installation and 24/7 maintenance. It can also be delivered as a standalone software solution for you to adapt. The total end-to-end package is the key distinctive feature, but it’s definitely not the only one.

Dilitio’s open platform and expandability allows for a complete integration offering the most complete user experience.
This opens a whole new dimension in digital signage:


Mobile Integration

Extend the user experience from the monitor to their personal mobile display and engage your user outside of the physical store.

User-to-Display Interaction

Let the user interact with your content directly from his smartphone with innovative solutions or more simply through classical touchscreens.


Presence Monitoring

Track user presence with RF sensors (WiFi and Bluetooth). Identify how users move in your space and extract important information on user habits.

User Idenfication

Identify gender and age of user in front of a display to selectively target the information while at the same time build statistical information on your user base.


eBeacon and smart Tags

Let the user receive information from selected products in your store. Acquire information on the most popular products and cross-reference the data with the presence tracking.

Legacy Integration

Integrate the digital signage system with your legacy infrastructure: whether you need to connect your warehouse directly to the digital signage system or simply integrate a queue management system.



Manage all in-store digital screens from a single cloud digital media management system, including eLabels.

All these integration capabilities ensure delivery of the right information
to the right user at the right time, anticipating the user’s needs
and converting a buying impulse into a sale!